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Cambodia is a country that for long has been shrouded in secrecy due to the on-going war and civil conflict that lasted for more than 2 decades. Now the country has risen as a Phoenix out of its ashes and is one of the most sought after tourist destinations. Yes, although the borders have opened up and the country is perfectly safe to travel, it remains and exotic and mystical land not seen by many.


The Cambodians are an amazingly strong and resilient people. Since they have been through Year Zero , they have been slowly but surely building up their country. Improved road, better security, electricity and clean water, all those things that we take for granted in other countries are a new achievement in Cambodia. And this makes it possible for tourists to enjoy the things that Cambodia has to offer. But it is not only the material things that make tourists feel welcome. It is the genuine friendliness and honesty of the Cambodian people that make foreigners feel at home and what makes a visit to Cambodia an unforgettable and unique experience.


Of course, in terms of destination, Angkor Wat is the highlight of any trip to Cambodia. Angkor Wat, the apex of the ancient, mighty Khmer empire. It is recognized as one of the seven wonders of the world, on par with the Pyramids of Egypt and Great wall of China.


Walking between the towering Khmer temples, created over a period starting over 1,500 years ago, and surrounded by beautiful forest, entering the dark, sacred chambers once the sanctuary of powerful kings, overlooking the surroundings high up from the sculptured towers, one still feels the mystical meaning of what has been achieved here. One can feel it like a spiritual atmosphere hanging over the area. It is touching, powerful and impressive. It is an experience you will not forget.


Additionally, Cambodia has many more things to offer. Be it the beaches, the forests, the hill tribes or the bustling city of Phnom Penh. In the following chapters you will find information and tour packages which will guide to enjoy this magnificent jewel of the Mekong.











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Phnom Penh Head Office:
#119, Street 2, Sangkat Chak Angre Leu, Khan Mean Chey, Phnom Penh , Kingdom of Cambodia.
Tel: (855) 23 222 767 / (855) 23 224 562
Hotline: (855) 12 612 367   Fax: (855) 23 222 725
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Siem Reap Office:
#190, Street Mao Ing, Salakanseng, Svay Dangkum, Siem Reap, Kingdom of Cambodia.
Tel/Fax: (855) 63 761 041
Hotline: (855) 12 250 762